1786 The Limestone Inn B&B – In the heart of Amish Country


Enjoy life in the slow lane at one of the most photographed homes in Lancaster County. Located in Strasburg’s Historical District, this 230 year old home is listed on the National Register of Historical Places and the Lancaster County Historic Sites Register.  

For years like many of our guests we have driven by this amazing limestone house in Strasburg remarking how beautiful it was and wondering what was behind that big front door.  What did it look like?  What was it’s history?  Those questions and many more were answered for us in January, 1998 when we purchased the property and moved in.

The Inn has had many chapters in it’s long life including the home of a German immigrant living in the Colonies at the time of the Revolution.  A local merchant built the house based on a formal, symmetrically five-bay Georgian house plan with a central hallway and the home has certain Germanic overtones. The pent roof, decorative tumbling between the 2nd floor windows, and a feeling of verticality marks the dwelling as a link between distinctly medieval and purely formal Georgian architecture.  A later chapter saw the house become the residence of the first Chief Burgess of Strasburg and later was the home of the Schoolmaster of the Strasburg Academy who built a school to rear of the house and many of his students boarded here.  At the turn of the 20th century the house became the home and office of the town doctor and many local residents passed through these doors.

Upon the passing of the doctor the house started to become rundown and worn out.  In the mid-1970’s a local historian having done his homework purchased the property and began an extensive exterior renovation project saving the house from eventual ruin.  They resurrected the exterior of the home which was covered with stucco and with formstone.  They chipped it off by hand and found that the original Lancaster County limestone was in excellent shape including down to the carved initials by the front door.  The next owners purchased the house and undertook the interior restorations that turned the house back into a usable and livable space.  It was at this time that the house became the 1786 Limestone Inn and has been hosting visitors from all of the world for more than 30 years.  As the current owners and caretakers we continue to improve on both the inside and outside of the property; our backyard has become an oasis of solitude and refuge from the hustle and bustle for our guests as well as numerous birds and butterflies.  Plantings of annuals and perennials, multiple varieties of hosta, hydrangeas and butterfly bushes, and a pond and fountain cap it off with it’s soothing rush of water.  This all comes together with the result being that architecturally and historically, the 1786 Limestone Inn ranks among the most important properties in all of Lancaster County truly making a stay with us a unique historical experience.

Even after 21 years we continue to learn new and interesting facts about this historic property.  Why not join us on this journey and book a stay directly with us in the historic surroundings of The Limestone Inn—the authentic historic inn of Strasburg!