Bespoke Brewing is owned and operated by Ryan and Janae Dagen of Speckled Hen and Head Brewer Jon Sager. Ryan and Jon met years ago while working in construction. Their shared passion for craft beer lead their paths to reconnect in order to open up Bespoke Brewing. Ryan’s appreciation of craft beer, and community spaces lead the vision to renovate the former Strasburg Scooter’s building which is less than half a mile from Speckled Hen.


Jon, Head Brewer at Bespoke, began brewing beer while completing his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry. While his love of craft beer initiated the hobby, the science of brewing is what really inspired him to want to keep learning more. Now, as head brewer at Bespoke Jon has a mission to bring the community thoughtfully crafted, quality beer. When he isn’t  at Bespoke, you might find him at a local brewery with his wife Liz. He also enjoys great food, hiking, and spending time with his family.


Ryan and Janae enjoy creating meaningful places for people to gather. The brewery is a place where locals and tourists will be able to savor delicious beer, barbecue meals, and appetizers while spending time with loved ones and meeting new friends. In the coming months we are looking forward to opening a Taproom in the upstairs space at Speckled Hen so customers at Speckled Hen are also able to enjoy Bespoke beer.


The term bespoke is used to describe custom-made good and products. We chose this as our name to represent our focus of being a small-batch hand crafted brewery. We are so excited for you to enjoy our signature recipes we are tailoring as well as our unique seasonal beers which will rotate throughout the year.


Our logo integrates the needle and thread within the hops icon to showcase the craft beer experience that we are pursuing. Just as bespoke suits are hand tailored we’ll be pouring incredible attention to detail and customization into each beer we serve.


Our tag line “Where Craft & Community Meet” speaks to the heart behind Bespoke. We are so excited to invite you on this journey with us, and we hope to meet you soon!


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