Whoopie Pie Festival

For one Saturday in early September, dozens of Hershey Farm employees are up at the crack of dawn busily preparing for thousands of people to descend from all over to the heart of Amish Country. Why? To experience a Lancaster County delicacy: the whoopie pie. The Whoopie Pie Festival has taken place on the property of Hershey Farm Restaurant & Inn for over ten years. Quite simply, it is the craziest day of the year.

Now if you are unsure of what a whoopie pie is, first of all: you have been missing out. But second, let’s give you a brief history of this Lancaster County dessert. According to food historians, industrious Amish women would bake these desserts with leftover cake batter and icing and would put them in farmers’ lunch boxes. When farmers would find these treats at lunchtime, they would shout “Whoopie!” A whoopie pie consists of a cream filling sandwiched between two rounded pieces of cake.

With the traditional being chocolate cake with vanilla filling, the whoopie pie has expanded to flavors you would never have thought of. Our bakery proudly makes over 400 flavors for you to choose from on the day of the festival. With over 40,000 whoopie pies filling our tent, it’s impossible to leave with just one. Each year, we introduce new flavors to broaden our list of whoopie pies. Last year’s festival was the first to have gluten free, butter pecan, and maple bacon whoopie pies. The hard work, dedication, and planning that goes into this event by our bakery team is exceptional, as all our whoopie pies are hand-made in our bakery on site.

With this day being centered around whoopie pies, it is only fitting to engage our guests in whoopie pie themed games and activities. In the mood for a game of checkers? Grab your game pieces and enjoy eating them after the game as you play with mini whoopie pies. Let the kids be creative with a bag of colorful candy pieces as they decorate their own whoopie pie to take home and enjoy. Use your muscles to launch whoopie pies out in our field to get them through the target; and be the lucky person with the most points by the end of the day to win a grand prize basket. Other family fun activities include the treasure hunt, whoopie pie race, and taking a picture in front of the largest whoopie pie ever made! We end the day with a friendly competitive mini whoopie pie eating contest for children and adults of all ages to participate in.

As our festival has grown over the years, we implemented a VIP pass for our guests to purchase that allows them to beat the crowd and enhance their experience. Included in this pass is early admission, a free insulated Whoopie Pie Festival tote bag, a free voucher to participate in the Create Your Own Whoopie Pie, and two free games of the Whoopie Pie Launch. Even with early access into the whoopie pie tent, guests are still waiting up to an hour before the festival begins! Visit our website to learn more: whoopiepiefestival.com

The Whoopie Pie Festival brings in family and friends from miles away to enjoy a day of indulging over deliciously sweet Lancaster County whoopie pies together. From craft vendors, to kid’s games, to bounce houses, to launching whoopie pies, to picking out your favorite flavor, it’s a day filled with sweet treats and family fun!